Coinage (Ackenzal)

Ducat: High quality gold coins standardized by the duchies of Ackenzal, each pressed with the visage of a particular duke on the front and the seal of Wyvar on the back. Can buy a decent horse, a set of body armor, a trip to the western continent, or a day’s services of a skilled Tuner.

Steorra: Silver coin worth about 1/100th of a ducat. Can be used to purchase a gallon of good beer, a week’s worth of coarse grain, a night in a shared room, or four hours of menial labor.

Achtling: Copper coin worth an eighth of a steorra. Can be used to buy a loaf of bread, a broadsheet, or to tip a servant.

Coinage (Foreign & disused)

Dead King: Platinum coin worth about two and a half ducats. No longer minted, and are stamped with the images of the High Kings.

Princip: Thick, hammer-stamped silver coins from Leovigild worth about one steorra and forty achtlings.

Lector: Various, non-standardized coins made of a gold and silver alloy, traded by weight. Not preferred by tax collectors and most professional merchants.

Hepatizon: Thin coins made from a copper, gold, and silver alloy from Esgalgrath with a distinctive purple-black patina. They are forged in a chain together, and twisted off of the chain when used as payment. Worth about the same as a steorra.


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