The Faithful remember and see that the world is dreaming. And The Faithful will dance until it wakes up. -from Leaves of the New Faith by Elder Odran

Fíodóirí is the new faith of many Huldra of Ackenzal and Leovigild which is thought to be a large contributor to the contemporary revitalization of Huldra culture and cohesiveness. The faith itself is an intentional move away from the following of the Lady of Blossoms, and integrates one aspect of the Ascendant Church, that of the Oversoul, in its own unique way. The faith does not pay much religious heed to the Ascendants, preferring instead to focus as the object of their faith the natural world’s connection to the Istós. Ascendants are simply seen as people who have, as they say, “left the dream” a little early.

A basic tenet of Fíodóirí is that all things in connection with the loom possess a consciousness, and that this consciousness is not separated from any other thing along the Loom. That, in essence, each living thing is a fragmented idea of an overarching spirit. Followers believe that this consciousness is currently dreaming and that it is the disconnect between people and nature that is preventing the Dreamer from waking up.

Many Fíodóirí rituals are arranged around art, dreams, poetry, and dancing. One of the initiation rituals among followers of the faith is the consumption of gruit brewed with a significant amount of Hebenon to induce vivid hallucinations. They also participate in large circle dances as a community in certain ancient sites. Conversely, many sites are designated as “geissmache”, or unholy, due to their association with the Lady of Blossoms and the Spring Court’s earlier status as an imperialistic power, which followers of Fíodóirí seek to distance themselves from.


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