“I saw our reflection in a lake and I waited for it to freeze so I could break it.”
- Ragana the Crone

The Felledmen, also called giants or trolls, are humans whose ancestors were warped by the energies of a starfall. The giants, mostly in the west, breed true, while the trolls of the east, victims of a much later starfall, are still warped by the persistent fellwright. The giants look like massive, ash-colored humans, averaging seven feet tall and weighing twice as much as a common man. They also have distinctively heavy jaws and sloped foreheads. The trolls are much more variable, with many having asymmetric limbs, oversized teeth, or crippling large growths on their skin. Both people have similar problems with regulating their behavior, prone to impulsivity and rage.

The giants were united by Ragana the Crone, who taught them how to control their desires through the Discipline, a meditative practice that demands logical reasoning and a spirit of community. Giants of the Discipline dedicate themselves wholly to a single craft, believing in an ideal plane of forms that ought to be expressed in reality. Many giants still live by the wild ways in the Glassed Lands. The giants that live in the walled mountain cities are one of the few cultures with a representative government, that even has complete gender equality and public schooling. They have never practiced slavery, regarding it as a practice for the weak and craven. The giants are still crippled from becoming a true power due to a lack of natural resources and an almost religious prohibition against expanding the borders of their kingdom. Their incredible appetite also strains the limits of their agricultural production.

The trolls of Ganza, mutated by the second starfall have yet to have the truebreeding forms of the giants. They are still in the savage stage that the first generation found themselves in, and the order of the Crone has sent missionaries to convert them to the Discipline, with little success. In The Char, as that blasted region of Ganza is known, there are also splicebred who have been touched by Fellwright, who suffer many of the same effects other victims of the fellwright have— giganticism, a breakdown of impulse control, and a regression to a more feral state.


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