Due to the two world-spanning empires that forced a common tongue, language is not as diverse as it is in our world. For purposes of consistency in sound, many of the languages are rooted in real ones.

Vulgate (Common Language): English
Seelie (Dwimmerling language): Gaelic
Primus (Knotman): Greek

Norsproch (Northern Ackenzal): Scandinavian
Havsprog (Central Ackenzal and Tyrmen): Scandinavian
Kuniksprog (Southern Ackenzal & Noble Houses): Scandinavian
Gilder (Leovigild & Huldra): Gaelic
Marujo (Pygmies) Spanish

Thassali (Atavi): Swahili
Lagoth (Giant & Northreach) : Lakota
Bahasa (Steppe Nomads): Finnish
Ortakil (Nagabon Mountains): Mongolian
Eepohn (Radiant Empire): Chinese


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